Carla Pontes

Carla Pontes

CARLA PONTES synonymous with detailed and contemporary. Based in Oporto - Portugal, it is the eponymous label of Portuguese emerging designer CARLA PONTES.

Presenting collections since 2012, PONTES won the national prize at the European Young Designers Contest in 2015 and this year is part of the official selection of BID’16 – the 5th Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño, organized by renowned Fundación Diseño Madrid.

With a background in product design before attending fashion studies in Oporto and Milan, her work is often described as establishing a balance of shapes and fabrics, exploring three-dimensionality and detail.

Taking inspiration from natural and artistic elements, the brand is producing timeless collections, yet inherently adapted to the frenetic life of modern woman.

Shapes, volumes and layers are balanced to create depurated models with a distinctive urban versatility. The design process combines craftsmanship reasoning, product design concepts and industrial technology, resulting in an architectural feel and unconventional detailing.

Teaching in Oporto’s Modatex fashion school, PONTES is currently part of Portugal Fashion’s main catwalk and has already presented her collections in several European cities.

Connected with fabrics and production methods since early age, she grew up between ballet lessons and her family’s textile business, nurturing at the same time a strong artistic sense and great curiosity for the creation process on clothing.

With her brand, the designer has established a solid market in Portugal and has now plans to expand internationally.

Carla Pontes is part of the Heavy London Showroom for London Fashion Week.

Rua da Igreja 639
Galegos, Santa Maria
Barcelos, Portugal 4750-463

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Carla Pontes
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